• Finding faith in football

    With the Premier League season underway, we look at how football is changing the lives of young people in Cambodia. Charya* has loved…

  • New Wine, torrential rain, and God's nudge to me

    You always take a risk with the weather at the New Wine summer conference. About 10,000 of us gather for a week of worship and teaching on a borrowed agricultural showground, most of us sleeping under canvas and at the mercy of the elements...

  • Latrine building

    Comfort and joy

    Even a short wait for the loo can feel like an eternity. For the women of Sangtu Miana in Afghanistan, the wait could last a very long time.

  • Parting with plastic: the summer edition

    Over the last few months, we’ve been calling on companies to take responsibility for the plastic waste mountains their products are creating in poorer communities. But we can take action in our own lives too by reducing our plastic use.

  • Sweet like chocolate...

    Daniel is definitely not the first man to make his wife happier by providing more chocolate for her – and almost certainly he won’t be the…

  • Tita with two children

    Rebel with a cause

    Tita was always a rebel. Now, with God in charge, she’s a rebel with a cause. She’s dedicated her life to serving the children of Central America’s largest slum.

  • Man with barrow of rubbish

    Taking on the trash

    Imagine if there were no 'bin men' to come for your bins. And no municipal dump either. This has always been the case for a slum settlement Islamabad and it wasn't pretty. They decided enough was enough...