• This little light of mine

    Joyce and Lamec used to fear for the future of their grandchildren – and for their safety. Their village in rural Tanzania had no…

  • Rubbish dump in Tanzania

    A rubbish year

    Since we launched our Rubbish Campaign in May 2019, a small band of campaigners has swelled into a crowd of more than 50,000. Clare reflects on a rubbish year, and why there’s cause for celebration.

  • Five rocks stacked (Unsplash)

    Five steps to a better world

    What does it mean to reboot the economy in a fair, sustainable way? Here’s an overview of the five steps that we’re calling on the UK government to take to create a better world for everyone.

  • It takes a village (to stay healthy)

    Hla and her family were often suffering with sickness and struggling to afford healthcare. But Hla’s life – and her whole village – changed…

  • The building is closed but please come in

    Prayer. Worship. Encouragement. Sharing information. Keeping in touch. Reaching out. Reaching up. Sometimes laughing. The odd tear. Building faith. Lifting eyes, hands and hearts. Focusing on who we serve.