• South Sudan baby

    Mum's the word

    Being a new mum can be scary, especially if you don’t have the right support. Meet Grace*, who's making sure that vulnerable new mums in…

  • Jilbert cycling on his taxi

    Taxi for everyone

    Jilbert used to live on the streets in a small town in eastern Rwanda. He fled home because his parents were beating him – it was too much.…

  • Changing course

    How 27 year old Natalie left a job in marketing and sailing across the Atlantic with 40 complete strangers. All to speak out about climate change.

  • Learning to farm again

    Victoria hums softly to herself as she carefully fills her watering can. The Malawian grandmother has a flourishing vegetable garden. And…

  • World in union: rugby, teamwork and poverty

    A reflection with comments from former Samoa rugby captain, Dan Leo. Why is Tearfund talking about rugby? We care about serious things like…

  • Extinction or Rebellion?

    In the lead-up to further climate protest action next week, we spoke to two theologians about peaceful civil disobedience to find out what a faithful Christian response might look like.

  • A loo lease of life

    Five years ago, Sita was suicidal. She and her husband were deep in debt. A new loo gave them a new lease of life.