• Photo credit: Kieran Dodds/ Tearfund

    Syria: Home is where the war is

    We need to be there to help people as they cope living as refugees. We also need to be there as they return, to help them rebuild their lives, and help bring peace to the region.

  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Angola

    When independence came to Angola in 1975, it was not the longed-for dawning of a new era. Instead, it was a desperate plunge into a civil…

  • We wont stop until poverty stops

    An introduction to Tearfund’s 50th year by Nigel Harris, Tearfund Chief Executive Persistence is in Tearfund's DNA, because our father God…

  • A sketch in time

    How a Tearfund partner organisation in Myanmar got their nation talking about the future, with simple pen and ink drawings.

  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Afghanistan

    Tearfund has been working in Afghanistan since 1971. This is a country of majestic mountain ranges and magnificent lakes, but its beauty…

  • From criminal to community leader

    Despite an abundance of natural resources, including gold, Papua New Guinea (PNG) suffers from an incredibly high youth unemployment rate…

  • South Asia Floods -
    Green Shoots of Hope

    The floods of August 2017 caused devastation on a massive scale across South Asia. Media attention may have moved on, but the rebuilding effort will last for years to come. However, thanks to the hard work of our partners and the tenacity of local people like Nazir*, the signs of recovery are slowly starting to appear.

  • Where could the need be greatest in 2018?

    This year we have seen continuing crises in places such as Yemen, Central African Republic, South Asia and across East Africa. But what is the outlook for 2018? Where in the world could the need be greatest?

  • With Us

    Reflect on God's gift of love to us with this Christmas poem.