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Get alongside others who share your passion for justice and take action together to end extreme poverty.

Being part of a community can inspire us, motivate us, and empower us to do far more than we could ever do alone.

If you're passionate about pursuing justice and seeing an end to extreme poverty, why not join one of our community groups? Meet like minded people, make new friendships and take action to end extreme poverty together!

Get inspired and encouraged

We also have a number of groups that you can connect with on social media to support you as you make personal lifestyle changes, campaign for justice issues, or fundraise for Tearfund.

Tearfund Campaigners Facebook Group

A Facebook group for Christians living in the UK who want to take action on poverty and issues of justice through campaigning and lifestyle changes. It's a place to ask questions, share ideas and encourage one another as we pursue justice together.

Team Tearfund Facebook Group

Team Tearfund is the place for anyone raising money for Tearfund to share their stories, ask questions, get encouraged, and stay in the know about the latest fundraising events and challenges.

We Are Tearfund

Join a group of passionate young adults who are determined to end poverty. Get tips, support, and inspiration as you take steps to change the world.

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