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By Tearfund | 23 May 2016

It’s that most wonderful time of the year; chock full of Christian festivals and Bible weeks. The lineups  may change, but some things are common to all Christian outdoor gatherings. So, along with your Bible and SPF80, make sure you pack a copy of Tearfund’s very own Christian Festival I Spy. Spot any of the following on your travels and you win points. And points mean prizes (though not from us).

Jesus sandals and socks

socks and sandals

A pair of Jesus sandals (and Sports Direct socks)

Let’s face it, there will be someone rocking this look everywhere you turn; it is, after all, a festival. We yearn for the warmer weather so pack our most summery shoes, but this is England so cue the most Christian of sartorial compromises. (Two points a pair)


Dinosaur onsie

Onesie practice (Note sudden absence of anyone else nearby...)

Festivals coincide with a break in A levels, GCSEs and any general sense of responsibility. So what better time to dispense with the laws of fashion and pretend you are an extra from The Angry Birds Movie.  Onesies are, quite simply, the comfiest things ever invented, so we hold no judgement – and if it’s good enough for Nick Clegg. Let’s be honest, if we could all get away with living in a onesie (dressed as a giraffe), we would. (One point – Three points for Minion onesies)

Frisbee mayhem

frisbee mayhem

An ultimate frisbee tackle, administered in 'Christian love'

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