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Pakistan in drought – Tearfund partners respond

Tearfund | 11 Sep 2018

Balochistan dry land bare tree


Severe droughts in parts of Pakistan are putting people’s lives at risk and destroying livelihoods.     

Tearfund partners (LAMP and PVDP) are assessing the scale of the crisis in Tharparkar, Sindh, an area in the southeast of the country.       

Across 40 communities they’ve found a dire need of drinking water, food supplies, and fodder for livestock. But, local leaders say the priority is the livestock as it’s the main source of livelihoods for desert communities.       

LAMP says many children have also died due to malnutrition. The small amount of rain in June and July was nowhere near enough for farmers to cultivate their crops.     


Sindh is prone to droughts, but 2018 has been particularly bad with a lack of rainfall. In March, the local government admitted malnutrition may deteriorate further if the area does not receive rains in the coming monsoon season. Officials are trying to contain the situation, but there is also a need for support from organisations like Tearfund and our partners.      

Tearfund’s Country Director for Pakistan, Ashraf Mall, says: ‘These communities depend on good rainfall. Less or no rain means that crops will fail, people will have nothing to eat and will have to depend on outside help. The situation will eventually force people and animals to migrate to other areas, which will put undue pressure on neighbouring areas.      

‘It's important to respond quickly so that the people can cope with the situation and remain in their homes and avoid migration.’      

The bigger picture     

A representative of LAMP said they believed the current drought conditions were most likely caused by climate change.      

Both PVDP and LAMP are working to raise funds to help the people with food, water and fodder for their animals. Both these organisations have conducted an assessment of the area and are exploring options on how to best help the communities in need.        


  • Pray for the people of Sindh who are facing the loss of their livelihoods and even their lives, because of the droughts.      
  • Thank God for the response of our partners. Pray for their strength and protection at this time.      
  • Pray for the rains to fall again, to revive the land and to help communities recover.      

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