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Ruling the roost

Tearfund | 27 Sep 2019


Justin knew he had a good business idea. Not only would it bring him a solid income, it was also something he’d enjoy doing. But to get any business off the ground, you need money. And that, he didn’t have.

Justin lives in Mali, where poverty is widespread. Years of prolonged internal conflict has also left its mark. There aren’t many opportunities for young people to find work, which is why new solutions are needed to help them earn an income for themselves.

Faith as small as a mustard seed
Knowing there’s a high demand for chickens where he lives, but not enough businesses to fulfil that demand, Justin decided to take a leap of faith and champion his idea.

He didn’t have the funds to start his business, but he did have the loving encouragement of his father. Together, they built a hen house. But what’s a poultry farm without chicks?

Searching for a solution
That’s when Justin came across one of Tearfund’s local partners, Jeunesse En Mission (JEM). JEM empowers young people in Mali to set up their own businesses. They provide training sessions on entrepreneurship as well as loans and technical support to help people turn their dreams into reality.

Justin received a loan through JEM, which enabled him to buy around 100 chicks. ‘Before getting in contact with JEM, I was doubtful about how I would be able to buy the chicks… When I received the loan from JEM I knew that all was not lost, and I was hopeful that I would succeed with my business plan,’ he shares.

Inspiring a new generation
‘In this enterprise, I want to be an example, a role model for the youth of the church and the community... To do this I will always be open to learn and find new ways to increase the number of chickens I have, and grow my business,’ says Justin.

Justin’s determination to be a role model in his community could help inspire other young people to follow in his footsteps and find a way out of poverty.


  • Pray for Justin’s business, that it will continue to grow and be an inspiration to the community around him.
  • Lift up the life-changing work of JEM and the challenging environment they work in. Ask God for wisdom for their team as they seek to help those who will benefit most from their investment and support.
  • Pray for the young people of Mali, that God will meet them in the dreams they have, equipping and providing what they need, so their dreams become a reality.
  • Pray for peace, protection and security for the citizens and communities in Mali.

This story originally appeared on Tearfund Learn, our hub for sharing our learning resources around the world.

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