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Five steps to a better world

What does it mean to reboot the economy in a fair, sustainable way? Here’s an overview of the five steps that we’re calling on the UK government to take to create a better world for everyone.

Written by Tearfund | 25 Jun 2020

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Written by  Tearfund

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Our Reboot Campaign is all about building a better post-coronavirus world – one that allows everyone to thrive. But what does it mean to reboot the economy in a fair, sustainable way? And what part does the UK government have to play? 

Here’s an overview of the five steps that we’re calling on the UK government to take. For more detail, take a look at our policy paper

Respond: Share vaccines and resources with the poorest countries

This pandemic is a global crisis: to defeat it, we must defeat it everywhere. This will take coordination, collaboration and the sharing of funds, research and equipment. No one should be stopped from accessing treatments or vaccines because they live in a poor country or can’t afford them. 

What we’re calling on the UK government to do:
Help provide lower-income countries with affordable access to protective equipment, treatments and vaccines. Any funding provided to researchers or companies for developing vaccines should come with conditions for fair and transparent processes, to make sure treatments are available to those who need them most. 

Reset: Cancel debt and release emergency funding to help developing countries respond to the crisis

For lower-income countries, this crisis has triggered urgent concerns about people being forced back into poverty, and no longer having enough money to buy food for their families. The knock-on effects of the pandemic could threaten lives for years to come.

Countries with big budgets are giving financial relief to their own citizens and businesses. A just recovery means offering this kind of support to the most vulnerable countries. 

What we’re calling on the UK government to do:
Work with other countries to cancel debts for the poorest and most affected countries, and release emergency funds to protect basic human rights (eg food, water), on top of our regular contribution to international aid. 

Recognise: include local faith groups in the response and recovery

Around the world, faith groups play a vital role in building resilient communities. The church can also foster good relationships between communities and local authorities, and give marginalised groups a voice. 

What we’re calling on the UK government to do:
Partner with faith groups that are actively involved in shaping the recovery in developing countries, and building resilient communities.

Recover: Act to ensure a global recovery creates a better world for people in poverty

One of the many things this pandemic has highlighted is our global interdependence. To tackle complex issues such as climate change or extreme poverty, we can’t afford to concentrate only on our national interests. 

Instead, we must lean in to our common humanity. This means changing the big systems that are biased against people in poverty.

What we’re calling on the UK government to do:
Act globally to make sure the recovery in developing countries creates a better world for people in poverty. This means supporting small businesses, tackling climate change and preventing big corporates from tax-dodging. Our policy paper has more detail on how this could be achieved. 

Renew: Make sure the UK’s economic reboot tackles the climate crisis and creates good jobs

The UK’s national and devolved governments should act to unite us on a new course; addressing the inequalities that have been exposed during the pandemic, and giving a future and a hope to the unemployed and younger generations.

What we’re calling on the UK government to do:
Deliver a sustainable, fair and clean economic recovery that serves people and planet, investing in long-term plans and getting on track with climate emissions targets.

Add your voice in calling on the UK government to take these five steps: join our Reboot Campaign. Together we can shape a better future. 

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