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Lighting up Yemen with prayer and power

How Tearfund is helping Yemenis build a better future for themselves in the midst of the deadly conflict.

By Rachael Adams | 25 Jun 2021

Credit: Jacek Ulinski/Unsplash

Credit: Jacek Ulinski/Unsplash

Light and heat. Two things often taken for granted, but for many people in Yemen, the six-year conflict has devastated these essentials. Access to petrol and diesel is infrequent – with supplies destroyed by airstrikes, or supply chains decimated. So, what is the solution – how can people light and heat their homes and cook meals for their families?

Many Yemenis are wanting to turn to solar energy to fix this problem. It is cheap to run, sustainable and, once installed, is not affected by supply chain delays. But there is limited training to repair solar power systems.

This is why Tearfund’s local partner is running solar training courses across the country. Students receive ten days of hands-on training in design, installation and maintenance. It is training up a generation of people forgotten by the conflict, giving them the skills to earn an income and run their family home.

From light to darkness

‘Thanks so much for bringing light to our darkness,’ shares Rana, who took part in the course. Rana and her family often spent several nights in darkness. But now this has changed. And, since the course, she has also designed a solar cooker for her home, which uses direct sunlight to cook.

‘This training has increased my self-confidence and helped me to believe in my abilities… I am so proud of myself and the level I’ve reached in this field. I consider myself one of the lucky people to be accepted in this training.’

Imad* lives in a remote village, which is hard to reach. Due to this, Imad explains they often miss out on training opportunities, which could help them. But Imad was one of the villagers invited to this training – which will help his family and community in the years to come.

‘Our community was deadened, especially on the side of solar awareness until you came and revived it,’ he says. ‘We were dependent on others before, then you came and taught us to rely on ourselves and believe in our own abilities.’

‘The conflict in Yemen shows no sign of stopping soon – but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have hope that things will change,’ shares Karen Soerensen, who leads Tearfund’s work in Yemen. ‘We can also choose to invest in the people of Yemen so they can build a better future right now for themselves – not waiting until the conflict ends. Please continue to keep the people of Yemen in your prayers, remembering the hope and trust we have in God to end the conflict in Yemen.’

Pray with us

*Name changed to protect identity

Written by

Written by Rachael Adams

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