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Creating a brighter future

Discover how Joy used her passions for people and colourful clothes to make a global impact that continues to this day.

A framed photo of a man and a woman on a wooden background

Joy and David Young celebrate their son Martin’s wedding in 1990. Used with permission.

Joy truly lived up to her name. She was overflowing with passion for God and people – and for colourful clothes. This inspired her to create a unique way to share God’s love (and a little extra joy) with people near and far.

Joy trained as a Colour Me Beautiful consultant, helping people to discover which colours suited them best and boosting their confidence in the process.

A life of generosity

Not only was Joy blessing the people around her, she was also playing her part in sharing God’s love in practical ways with people around the world by generously donating her proceeds to Tearfund.

‘Mum loved colours and made all her own clothes. She gave away swatches and advice to everyone she met. She enjoyed meeting new people, showing them appreciation, sharing her own story and aspects of her faith – and raising money for Tearfund in the process,’ shares Martin, Joy’s son.

Creating a legacy

Joy and her husband David were long-term supporters of Tearfund, often helping out with fundraising events at their church. Their faithful giving over the years has had an extraordinary impact. It has equipped Tearfund’s network of local churches across the globe to provide for people in times of crisis and enabled communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

And they are still making a difference today. By leaving a gift to Tearfund in their will, Joy and David’s generosity is continuing to transform lives and helping people take steps towards a brighter future.

Poverty isn’t God’s plan. You are. Find out how you can help share the love of God in practical ways wherever the need is greatest. Like Joy and David, you can create a legacy that will transform lives for generations to come.

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