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How love is changing the world

By Rachael Adams | 24 May 2021

If love is a verb, how can we put it in action and help transform lives around the world?

Love isn't a philosophy, it's a way of life. It's found entirely in the practical – through actions and deeds. John said it best when he wrote in one of his New Testament letters: 'Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.' (1 John 3:18) Acts of love glorify God. They point to something bigger than ourselves and allow us to join in with the plans God has to heal our world.

Acts of love are deeper than just compassion for others. They are rooted in seeing how unfair and unjust our world is – and knowing that we can use what we have to help change that.

Let us tell you about Kathleen 

We can share with you about Kathleen's love for others, because it is so keenly demonstrated. Her son, Paul, tells us that one of the first memories he has of his mother is of her overarching love for others. And this has shaped his whole family's outlook, passing through generations – and will be continued for generations to come.

Kathleen was a midwife in the 1940s, through the Second World War and rationing, when times were incredibly difficult. During the harsh winters she would use any money left over from her wages to buy coal for struggling families. That way, mother and baby had a warm room to stay healthy and flourish.

That small act of generosity gave families a fighting chance. It gave many a future they maybe wouldn't have had.

Kathleen and her colleagues on the day the NHS was founded. Photo credit: Kathleen’s family.

Kathleen and her colleagues on the day the NHS was founded. Photo credit: Kathleen’s family.

For Kathleen, helping out a neighbour transcended borders

Kathleen was one of Tearfund's first supporters, along with her husband, Bob. They heard about the famine and civil war in Biafra, Nigeria, and felt compelled to respond. And they continued to support Tearfund for 50 years.

Kathleen shared that the reason why they continued to support us was because of the way we worked alongside the people we serve. People who are trapped in poverty know the hardships they face better than anyone else. Tearfund's role has always been to support them to overcome these issues, giving them the tools and training they need to lift their communities out of poverty for good.

Through Kathleen's generosity, lives have been changed around the world across generations. Her acts of love have transformed her family's lives, as well as those local and not so local to her.

It doesn’t end there

Kathleen left a legacy to Tearfund. Her love will continue to change lives around the world for years to come. Families will be freed from hunger. Communities will get access to clean water. People will learn key skills to lift themselves out of poverty. All through love.

Click here to find out more about how you can put your faith in action and leave a legacy to Tearfund. Like Kathleen, you can leave a gift that will transform lives for generations to come.

Written by

Written by Rachael Adams

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