Our Actions send a message

We can use our choices – as well as our voices – to urge decision-makers to make changes that will help people in poverty who are hardest hit by climate change.

When we show by our actions that we want to live in a fairer, more sustainable world, we are caring for our global neighbours and valuing what God has given us. And we are sending a powerful signal that we want decision-makers to act.

We need to see a huge cut in global emissions by 2030 – aiming for ‘net zero' by 2050. We can all play our part by reducing our own climate emissions.



Seven ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Think about where you could reduce your impact through how you travel, around your home and in your lifestyle. It doesn't need to be complicated. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

In your travel

  • Fly less, or not at all
    If you still have to fly, could you commit to taking fewer work flights, not flying for holidays, or not flying within 500 miles of your home?
  • Drive less – and enjoy the fresh air
    Cut out one car journey a week, and walk or cycle for shorter journeys. Consider making a long-term plan to get an electric vehicle.

In your home & DIET

  • Switch to renewable energy
    Start by ensuring your electricity is from renewable sources. Tearfund's Big Clean Switch platform can help. You could also improve the insulation of your home. 
  • Eat more plant-based meals
    Eating less meat and dairy will cut your carbon footprint and improve your health. Why not try Meat-Free Monday, going vegan one day a week, or buying more locally-sourced produce?
  • Cut food waste
    Plan your meals, get creative with leftovers and assign a shelf in your fridge for food that needs to be eaten quickly.


  • Buy fewer, better-quality clothes and other items
    Review your buying habits by choosing to buy fewer but better quality items that will last. Buying less and living more simply could also save you money.
  • Cut your plastic waste
    Switch to a reusable coffee cup (where these are accepted), carry a reusable water bottle, use soap and shampoo bars, and buy fruit and veg loose. Or go a step further and find a local refill shop.

Other ways to get involved

Join in prayer

Unite in prayer for the climate this year

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Find resources

Download materials to equip you and your church

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