Our Actions send a message

We can use our choices – as well as our voices – to urge decision-makers to make changes that will help people in poverty. Plastic pollution has a devastating impact on our global neighbours, as well as contributing to climate change. When we show by our actions that we want to live in a less wasteful world, we are caring for them and valuing what God has given us. And we are sending a powerful signal that we want decision-makers to act.



Could you give up using one type of single-use plastic for 40 days (or more!)?

Every time we choose not to buy a single-use plastic item (that’s items that are only intended to be used once), that’s one less thing in a landfill site, ocean or incinerator – or one less thing shipped overseas for another country to dispose of.

Nine ways to take action today

Think about where else you could reduce your impact, around your home and in your lifestyle. It doesn't need to be complicated. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

In your travel

  • Switch to using a reusable coffee cup. (Stainless steel or bamboo cups are best.)
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and refill it at home or work. (The most long-lasting and easily recyclable types are made from stainless steel or glass.)
  • Could you take one less flight per year?

In your home

  • Use soap and shampoo bars instead of liquid products in plastic bottles.
  • Switch to reusable cloths and stop buying disposable wipes. Choose organic cotton or bamboo as the supply chain is more ethical.
  • Switch your energy to renewable.

In your diet

  • Buy fruit and veg loose, from the supermarket, greengrocer or market, or in a veg box. If your supermarket doesn’t sell loose fruit and veg, ask them to!
  • Reduce your food waste and get creative in the kitchen with leftovers.
  • Reduce how much meat you eat: try Meat-Free Monday or go vegan one day a week.

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