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Home schooling as a refugee

By Rachael Adams | 23 Oct 2020

As schools closed due to the pandemic, many homes around the world became classrooms, and parents became teachers. 

As schools closed due to the pandemic, many homes around the world became classrooms, and parents became teachers. Aleyna, a refugee from Syria now living in Lebanon, shares her story of stepping into this new role…

Aleyna* had only recently managed to enroll her children into school. The family didn’t have any formal identification (ID), and so most schools in the area wouldn’t enlist the children.

Life was hard. Lebanon was facing an economic crisis, food prices were doubling and there were few jobs available – especially for people with no IDs.

Good news
‘There was a time where I used to beg for money so we survived,’ shares Aleyna. ‘I never really cared about myself, I could handle it, but my children couldn’t, they had to eat.’

The Tahaddi Centre, who Tearfund works with, are helping Aleyna’s family apply for IDs and supporting them with food. But – best of all (or, so the children will tell you) – they’ve enrolled them into their school.

‘I am so happy to see that my children love school,’ shares Aleyna. ‘Being around children their age, making friends, and studying has made them less shy and more outgoing.’

Home schooling
Unfortunately, lockdown has put a stop to face-to-face learning. But thankfully the support has been able to continue. The classes have moved online. The Tahaddi Centre has provided them with a prepaid card for their phones so they can access the internet and won’t miss out.

It was a difficult transition for the family, but for Aleyna, there has been an added benefit: she has been learning alongside her children. ‘In English, I learned how to read and write with them which benefited all of us. I sing with my children during music and help them with art projects as well… I feel very blessed to receive such support and encouragement.’

The children are desperate to get back to school, but through the help of the Tahaddi Centre, the months of lockdown has brought the family closer together.

Please pray

*Name changed to protect identity

As children are on half-term, we wanted to share with you a resource that you can do with them at home. It includes a story about our work, as well as questions for reflection, scripture and worship. We pray that you and your children will find it encouraging.

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Written by Rachael Adams

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