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If another typhoon hits...

By Ben Cohen | 06 Nov 2015

‘If another typhoon hits, we are better prepared’

In November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Visayas in the Philippines. Tearfund and our partners on the islands sprang into action to offer emergency relief to the communities.
Now, two years later thousands of islanders aren’t just back on their feet, they’re more prepared, should another typhoon strike. Here are five reasons why:

1. Safe as houses

Safe building instructions

Over 3,000 people, carpenters and households, have learned how to make houses more disaster proof. There are simple and affordable ways to make a house so much more resilient, like putting bracing between the strongest points of the house or altering the shape of the roof and nailing it down.

2. Disaster drills

Philippines Emergency Procedure

Nearly 120,000 people have been trained in disaster preparedness, community by community. If a typhoon was about to strike, these communities would know where to go, what hazards to avoid and have disaster kits at the ready to take with them.

3. Safe centres

Rescue centre

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Written by Ben Cohen

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