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The clear difference clean water can make

By Mark Lang | 22 Mar 2016

To mark World Water Day, see how we've helped transform one community.

The women from the village of Bolong in South Sudan really appreciate Tearfund’s work to provide their community with clean water.

It’s made a big difference, explains women’s leader, Wichar Duoth: ‘It’s because of Tearfund today, we, the women, are relieved from walking long distances to fetch drinking water.’

A borehole close by means no more arduous journeys carrying jerry cans for miles and that’s a big deal for the 400 households in Bolong.

With Tearfund’s help and training, the community now has trained engineers to maintain the borehole and keep the clean water flowing.

Tearfund staff have also trained people so they know about good health and hygiene practices, which reduce incidents of disease, such as cholera and diarrhoea.

Bolong’s chief Gatwech Thor said, ‘Tearfund has and is still helping this community a lot. They first came to give health and nutrition services, and later water, sanitation and agricultural support. Those children you see playing around can bear witness for what I am saying as they are the direct beneficiaries.

‘Many NGOs have come and gone, but Tearfund are still with us even during the tough times.’

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Written by Mark Lang

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