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Schoolboy Kashif Danial is a hero to his family

By Prayer team | 07 Apr 2016

The boy from rural Sindh in Pakistan has saved his home from repeated flooding by putting into practice what he has learnt from a Tearfund partner.

Kashif attends a project where 40 children from deprived backgrounds receive an education their families would otherwise not afford. Life skills are also taught, as well as ways to combat common disaster scenarios.

Flooding is a big issue in Sindh. Kashif’s family have been forced from their homes for many days due to rising waters.

But Kashif has put what he has learnt into practice, encouraging his family to build earth defences to keep floodwater out during the rainy season.

He and his siblings have also planted ten trees, which provide much-needed shade, retain the soil and enhance the environment.

Kashif said, ‘After being trained in how to reduce the impact of disasters, I realised that we could do things without money. With just a little, we can make a big difference.’

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