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Isaiah’s testimony: from pilot farmer to provider

With food shortages rife, Isaiah knew he had to do something to provide for his wife and five children. Thankfully, thanks to your support and the work of one of our Tearfund partners, Isaiah has received skills training and development, and is now able to provide a good livelihood for his family.

By Prayer team | 28 Jul 2016

Isaiah Gafa is a farmer and lives in the village of Mabassiakré in South Chad. He is 54 years old and married to Lydia; together, they have five children.

With acute food shortages and, due to a lack of technical agricultural knowledge and materials, there was often not enough food, which meant that Isaiah used to apply for loans in order to provide for his family.

For Isaiah, this was utterly frustrating.

But everything changed when Tearfund partner, Christian Centre of Development Support (CECADEC) intervened. CECADEC came to the village, and Isaiah – along with many others – attended sessions that delivered agricultural training and provided much-needed skills development. As a result of the training, Isaiah found himself in a group of pilot farmers.

Isaiah put into practice all he learnt and today, can see a big change in his own life and within his family. He is now reaping a successful harvest selling bags of peanut and sorghum (a type of plant) – and, along with the purchase of a plough and cart, has also bought his own animals including a young cow, oxen, sheep, goats and chickens. With the increased food production, Isaiah and his family can now eat at least twice a day, all throughout the year.

Wonderfully still, Isaiah has also been able to build a new house for his family, all made out of sustainable materials.

Isaiah says, ‘Through this testimony, I would like to say that the social situation of my family has improved. I want to thank God who has sent Tearfund to develop through CECADEC.’


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