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Hitting the spiritual reset button

Where did the beginning of the year go? January and February seem to have flown by (remember your New Year's Resolutions? Me neither).

Tearfund | 01 Mar 2019


Where did the beginning of the year go? January and February seem to have flown by (remember your New Year's Resolutions? Me neither).

I’m writing this in a small courtyard at the heart of the Tearfund office. There’s a cross planted at its centre, reminding us of why we’re here. Everything is currently bathed in surprisingly warm sunshine – the sort of weather that could make climate change sceptics shift nervously in their seats.

The daffodils have bloomed and are waving happily in the breeze. Spring is most definitely on the way, which of course means it’s nearly time for Lent.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through enough Lents now that it can sometimes pass by without me even noticing. Often on Shrove Tuesday I’ll be frantically trying to think of something to give up / take up. Usually I’ll have given up by a few weeks in. Lent is long.

Am I alone in this experience? I doubt it. And I think that, in the busyness of modern life, we’re missing out on a beautiful opportunity.

The heart of life
Lent is a gift – forty days (forty-six if you include the Sundays) set aside each year in which we can hit the spiritual reset button. It’s a chance for us to take a deep dive into the heart of life and reconnect with what truly matters.

We’re quite passionate about it here at Tearfund, which is why every year we produce a Lent resource that’s free to anyone who wants it.

The theme this year is ‘Enough’. This can be read in a number of ways. It could be, ‘We’ve had enough of the noise, clutter and wastefulness of the modern world’; or, ‘We’ve had enough of people being held back by poverty’; or how about, ‘You are enough’; or even, ‘God is enough’.

Whatever you choose to do this Lent, I pray that you truly embrace it. Create a bit of time and space to let your soul sing. Let God work in you. After all, his love is enough to make all the difference.

A prayer of preparation for Lent

Lord Jesus,
Deepen our desire for you this Lent;
Tune our ears to the notes of your grace;
Open our eyes to the light of your love;
Lead us on the path of peace;
And take us into the heart of your resurrection.
In your holy name,

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