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The power of simple things

Tearfund | 09 Jul 2019

buds on a branch

Life can be complicated sometimes. However, it’s often the simplest things that stand out – that make the deepest impression in our lives. That little word of thanks, the tiniest gift given in love...

We emailed our supporters and asked them to tell us a story about something simple that means the world to them. Be prepared to well up at some of the answers...

Redeeming ring

Person holds silver ring on cushion of roses.

‘As a teenager my sister had a Saturday job and bought a silver ring with her earnings. Out shopping with my Mum, and having promised to buy me something, they realised they had no money left, so my sister pawned her ring. She then saved up to buy it back. She gave the ring to me as a teenager and I have worn it every day for over 40 years. For me it is a treasure beyond worth.’
Jane Jermyn

Sacred sign
‘Mine is a priceless gift from God. It’s a stone with a natural engraved sign. Whilst praying at Lulworth Cove (I was at a very low point in my life), I looked down at my feet and saw an ichthus image (an ancient Greek symbol of a fish used by early Christians) on a tiny stone. I picked it up, smiled, thanked God and kissed it. I knew that God was telling me he loves me, and he will never leave me.’

Handle with prayer

Quilt with reels of cotton.

‘For the past three years I have been a curate In a very special Anglican Church in Somerset. One of the many blessings the church offers are ‘prayer quilts’ for people experiencing ill health or other difficulties. They are sewn by a dedicated team, who offer prayers for the recipient whilst they sew. The quilts are then brought into each service and prayed over, before being passed on to their owner. I was gifted one of those quilts three years ago. It has been a constant reminder of being cared for, supported and loved.’
C Shaw

Tears of joy
‘My mum gave me a simple white handkerchief, which once belonged to my grandmother. It’s my “Sunday” hanky, used only for the tears of joy I experience during our chapel services. But it’s more than that; it’s a reminder of my grandmother and the strength of her faith, despite all the challenges she experienced in her life. I didn’t understand just how strong her faith was or what an amazing woman she was until I found my own love for Christ.’
Vicky Cawrey

Seeds of hope

Packets of seeds and flower in bloom.


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