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Film six: Grateful for fossil fuels but time to move on. To download the video for offline viewing, click on the Vimeo link, and then click on the download button.  

Discussion questions

  1. Do you feel negative about climate change campaigners? Do you think it is because the movement has been framed as an alternate type of religion which offends us as followers of Christ, as Katharine suggests?
  2. Were you surprised that Katharine Hayhoe said she was grateful for fossil fuels and the role they played in ending slavery, increasing life expectancy and so on, when our consumption of them has done so much damage to the planet?
  3. Can you think of ways that Christians can engage positively in campaigning on climate change?
  4. Katharine says in the film that constructive conversations only happen when we connect over something that we share. Can you think of ways to connect with other Christians who do not feel the need to move away from fossil fuels?

Action to take

Will you join us in calling on the UK government to show global leadership in delivering a cleaner, greener, fairer recovery, which stops the global average temperature from increasing by 1.5°C?

More from Katharine

If you want to hear more from Katharine on the issues raised in Study Six, you can listen to her here: ‘The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it.'

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