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Film seven: Climate change is a threat multiplier. To download the video for offline viewing, click on the video title, and then click on the download button.  

Discussion questions

  1. Do you see the coronavirus pandemic and climate change as an equal threat to our health, the planet and those in poverty?
  2. What biblical reasons can you think of as to why the church should act – which includes prayer and preaching – on climate change? (For reference, see: Psalm 24:1; Psalm 115:16; Psalm 145:9; Matthew 10:29–31; Psalm 72:12; Philippians 2:4.)
  3. Why do you think tackling climate change is not a priority for many Christians and do you think you can do more to change that?
  4. What do you imagine it is like for the poorest people in the world who are already facing the consequences of climate change on a daily basis?

Action to take

If you feel that you want to give financially, then please donate to Tearfund and help people like Orbisa. She has to walk up to ten hours a night in order to collect water for her family to drink due to the impact of climate change.

More from Katharine

If you want to hear more from Katharine on the issues raised in Study Five, you can listen to her here: ‘If I just explain the facts, they'll get it, right?’

Download the leader guide with discussion questions and actions for the full series


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