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Film three: How to persuade others to care about climate change. To download the video for offline viewing, click on the video title, and then click on the download button.  

Discussion questions

  1. ‘We haven’t connected the dots between what we care about and how that’s being affected by climate change.' What do you care deeply about? Can you make any connection to it and climate change? 
  2. We all depend on God’s creation – for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. Yet, we often think that you have to be a certain type of person ('an environmentalist', 'a tree hugger') to care about the climate. What can you as an individual do to talk more about climate change, and some of the changes that you have made as a response?
  3. Do you think that humans are very bad at recognising the risk or the threat posed by issues that we think are distant and far off? If you know that climate change is affecting people in Africa right now, do you think it doesn’t matter so much in the UK?
  4. Do you think that the solutions to climate change sound worse than the impacts of climate change because it means you will have to change how you live now?
  5. Do you think we are sometimes in danger of not being passionate enough about a cause? What techniques could we employ to ensure that we are passionate enough about the subject without being offensive?

Action to take

You can make some lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon footprint and make it a part of how you live your life.

More from Katharine

If you want to hear more from Katharine on the issues raised in Study Three, you can listen to her talk on ‘Christians + Climate Change’.

Download the leader guide with discussion questions and actions for the full series


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