people are in need of humanitarian assistance


of the country are critically affected by the crisis


people are without sufficient access to food


people are without safe water or sanitation

About Yemen

Yemen is experiencing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today, yet few people know about it. As one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, the civil war has crippled the country’s water, sanitation and health infrastructures.

The nation is on the brink of famine and economy is facing collapse. Unemployment is at a record high – some estimates suggest as much as 60-70 per cent. There are is a severe lack of adequate health care and clean water which has exacerbated the spread of disease and illness. In 2017, the country hosted the largest cholera outbreak on record, with over 1 million cases in one year.

Thousands have died in the conflict, and nearly 80 per cent of the country (22.2 million people) are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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Food Security

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Our Work in Yemen

Tearfund is working to provide conflict-affected families with safe, clean water, sanitation and hygiene materials to reduce the risk of illness and disease.

Our partners are also distributing emergency food packages to vulnerable families to help avert severe malnutrition.



people have received WASH support including, clean water provision, hygiene promotion, water filters and latrines.


people have received cholera kits, including water collection and purification mechanism.


people have received food assistance – packages that are distributed for 3-6 months.

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