Map of Burundi

Population: 8.303m
Life expectancy men: 50.7 years
Life expectancy women: 54.0 years
Infant mortality rate: 9.10%
GNI per capita: 188.5 US$
HDI ranking: 185/187 Low
What are these?

Tearfund has been working in Burundi since 1990. From 1993 to 2007, our Disaster Management Team (DMT) provided emergency feeding and healthcare. As civil conflict subsided, the emphasis switched to helping waraffected communities become food self-sufficient. As part of this approach, DMT held local cookery demonstrations showing villagers how to make nutritious porridge from locally available ingredients. 

We currently work with five Burundian partners. Scripture Union uses a network of churches, schools and colleges to raise awareness of HIV, challenge stigma and care for people living with the virus.

In Bururi Province, the Diocese of Matana is helping families meet their food needs and avoid malnutrition. Small business projects are also boosting incomes. The Diocese of Gitega works across two provinces to improve health and farming techniques. Orphans and conflict-displaced people are helped to establish sustainable livelihoods. Meanwhile, ‘peace and reconciliation’ training for community leaders and ‘human rights and peace clubs’ in schools are transforming relationships.

In the Kirundo and Gitega provinces, FECABU works with indigenous communities to improve food security and engage in advocacy and longer-term poverty alleviation. The Diocese of Bujumbura also focuses on food security in Muramvya and Bujumbura provinces. Working through the church, it helps rural communities to make the transition from post-conflict response to long-term development. 

Please pray:

Pray for people living in poverty in Burundi.
Please pray for our Burundian partners as they seek to help others and pray for Burundi: for justice, peace, health and hope for everyone.

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