'Catalyst Programme' – Now open for Applications

Tearfund invites local churches in England to apply for the ‘Catalyst Programme’.

Thriving individuals and flourishing communities are at the heart of Tearfund’s UK work.  Within the overall framework of Tearfund’s world vision, the IMPACT UK Team has a national vision to see ‘every UK church envisioned and equipped to bring wholeness and flourishing in place of poverty, disadvantage and inequality.’

What is the Catalyst Programme?

The purpose of the Catalyst Programme is to help the local church ‘cross the road to community engagement’ through a process that will help the church to develop and implement an authentic and relevant social action programme.

It’s simply a process that helps the local church to realise its mission and vision for the local community and to develop, produce, implement relevant and sustainable social action programmes at the end!  “Catalysts make something happen!”

What do you get? A ‘virtual grant’ that consists of:

  • A flexible, tailored package of support, consisting of 28 hours of Advisory support to:
    • help your church understand the need to connect with your community
    • help you assess & prioritise local need
    • help you set up and run a relevant community-based action or initiative
  • Opportunity to freely access local ‘Raising our Game’ workshops and Tearfund’s ‘Pursuing  Transformation’ events during 2014;
  • Opportunity to network with other churches that have similar dreams
  • Advice on impact & sustainability provided by one of our specialist Advisors
  • Opportunity to purchase ‘additional support time’ if required. 

Why? To envision, equip, empower and enable the local church to understand and help those people most at need in their local community.

Who can apply? Churches, across England, that may be starting out on the journey of connecting with their local community and that want to do something practical; Churches already on that journey; Churches that are evaluating their current community engagement and want to start something new.

100 churches will be able to access the Catalyst Programme upon successful application.

When? Applications will be accepted until all the funding has been allocated with a Church commitment to have a community initiative up and running by March 2015.

Where? England

Your commitment?  A £3000 ‘match-funding’ commitment from each church is requested.  This can include the value of cash, gifts in kind, premises, asset items, salaries (but not volunteer time). 

How do I apply?  Simply download the PDF Application Form, then complete and return to the email address provided.

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Free Leadership and Team Development Opportunities 
We have two exciting opportunities for you to invest in your leadership and your team - both for free!

One to One Coaching
We know that as a leader you juggle a lot of demands and pressures and that a lot of your time is spent focusing on others. It can be hard to find the space to stop and think.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to have 4 one to one sessions with a trained Coach.

What is coaching? Coaching is about change.
A coach partners with you in a conversation that enables you to overcome barriers, clarify your goals and identify the steps to make those goals achievable. Coaching unlocks new perspectives and thinking.

Coaches don’t have the right answers, they have the right questions. You know yourself and your limitations. A coach supports and encourages you to find the solutions.

All you need to do is think about what you want to talk about. That could be anything from a decision you need to make, an area you want to develop in, staff or volunteer issues, to thinking through wider strategy and ideas.

Myers Briggs - Understanding and Developing Your Team
Myers Briggs is one of the most popular personality profiles.  It increases self-awareness and understanding, and is therefore a great tool to increase cross team communication and effectiveness.

We are offering 1-2-1 sessions for individuals interested in developing their leadership skills, as well as Myers Briggs Team Days for staff and volunteers.
The only cost would be the cost of the Myers Briggs questionnaire, which is £25.80.

If you are interested in finding out more about Coaching or Myers Briggs please contact Zoe Hayes at zoe.hayes@tearfund.org

Zoe is an experienced Coach and Accredited Myers Briggs Practitioner.