of Liberians in rural areas do not have access to safe drinking water


is the average number of years a Liberian child spends in school


of the country’s workforce only have informal employment


of Liberians do not have access to a latrine

About Liberia

Liberia’s levels of water hygiene and sanitation are among the worst in the world. This causes the spread of preventable diseases, such as the Ebola virus during the epidemic of 2014/15 which claimed 11,300 lives across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Liberia’s economy is steady, slowly growing year-on-year. However, poor access to natural resources has resulted in high levels of poverty and low human development. Approximately 78 per cent of the workforce are in the informal sector, the majority of whom are subsistence farmers. The success of this work is constrained by poor market infrastructure, inability to complete work, and a road network that is largely impassable during the rainy season.

Liberia has a huge youth unemployment problem. Most families are unable to provide their children with an education, and for those that can there are very few jobs available.

How we do it

Church & Community Transformation

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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

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Food Security

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Our Work in Liberia

Tearfund recently completed a two-year emergency response across Sierra Leone and Liberia, bringing humanitarian and emergency support to communities affected by the Ebola epidemic. Key activities were:

  • Supplying hygiene kits
  • Providing fresh water and building boreholes
  • Broadcasting radio messages on Ebola prevention
  • Training community and faith leaders in Ebola prevention
  • Offering psychosocial support for those affected by the epidemic
  • Providing cash grants for immediate needs and for rebuilding livelihoods in the longer-term

Over one million people were reached through these activities. The influence faith leaders had in encouraging their communities to changes social habits helped curb the spread of the disease significantly.

Our vision across Liberia and Sierra Leone collectively is to see 500,000 people transformed spiritually, physically and emotionally through the work of our local partners and 1,200 local churches. This will be achieved through the church and community transformation process – by partnering with churches and enabling them to empower their local communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

This is a long journey, touching every area of people’s lives. Communities are given the space and tools to identify their existing resources, address their needs together and take ownership of their own development.

Currently both our partner organisations are engaged in programmes related to water sanitation and hygiene. They are also working through local churches to raise awareness about and prevent sexual and gender-based violence.




people have been reached through Tearfund’s Ebola emergency response in Sierra Leone and Liberia.


people have been given food and nutritional help during the Ebola response.


faith leaders and volunteers have been trained to carry out psychosocial support for those affected by the epidemic.


people in Sierra Leone and Liberia have received psychosocial support following the epidemic.

Pray for our work

  • Thank God for our partners in the country and all that they do.
  • Ask that more funding may be found for the work in Liberia.
  • Pray for all those affected by the Ebola epidemic as they work to rebuild their livelihoods.

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