2015 saw the worst flooding in Mozambique’s history, with 335,000 people displaced from their homes in the south. Many of these people are now staying in camps. Meanwhile, drought in the south left many crops either damaged or not able to grow. 

Tearfund’s partner organisations responded to both emergencies with emergency rations and essential goods.

One year on, over a million people in the country are without reliable access to sufficient food. Meanwhile Internal political tensions have resulted in civil war. So far, an estimated 11,800 people are now refugees in Malawi – putting a strain on Malawi’s already limited resources. Many more are internally displaced within Mozambique itself. 

The needs for the Mozambique are huge. The government has declared a 90-day red alert, due to the drought in central and southern Mozambique. 

Over a third of cultivated areas in the south are now completely dry and will not produce any harvest this year. Almost all planted crops for the main season have been lost in the southern region, and the poorest households have completely exhausted their food reserves. Meanwhile Over 690,000 cattle are at risk of dying due to lack of fodder and water.

Emergency Aid for village in Mozambique with villagers stood behind it

Emergency Measures

Tearfund Mozambique currently supports long-term development work through five local partners in Mozambique. We have so far given grants to three of these, to help them carry out emergency response work in three districts. 

They have already completed one round of food distribution for these areas, but the future of these communities remains bleak once the food rations are finished. 

Tearfund is currently considering ways it can provide further support in the current challenging situation.


Tearfund began working in Mozambique in 1987, before the 16-year civil war ended in 1992. We work with eight partners, including groups of churches, students and Christian networks. 

As part of Tearfund’s ten-year vision, we aim to unlock the potential of 1,760 churches in Mozambique, which we hope will result in the transformation of the lives of some 84,000 people. 

Preventing the spread of HIV is critical in Mozambique. Aims of our partners’ work include breaking down the stigma surrounding HIV, especially among church leaders who are living with the virus, and preventing the spread of HIV among young people. 

Tearfund is motivating churches in Mozambique to welcome people living with HIV and to reach out to their communities. One partner, Shingirirai, trains activists in a provincial prison and has provided access to anti-retroviral drugs for more than 100 inmates.

Other areas of Tearfund’s work in Mozambique include providing clean water and sanitation and helping churches and communities to prepare for natural disasters, such as droughts and floods.



Tearfund needs to raise £60 million for HIV and AIDS-related work by 2015 – as part of its wider vision to lift millions out of poverty.

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