is Mozambique’s ranking out of 188 countries in the Human Development Index


of the population are unemployed


people are affected by drought


people are without sufficient access to food

About Mozambique

Despite government and development agencies’ best efforts to reduce poverty, the country is still one of the poorest in the world. In 2016 Mozambique was 181 (out of 188 nations) on the Human Development Index scale – which measures key indicators in a nation’s development.

The unemployment rate is 27 per cent – the majority of those out of work are young people. Frequent flooding and food shortages, coupled with armed conflict between government and opposition forces, threaten to reverse the development gains made in the past 22 years.

More recently, the nation has experienced a period of relative calm and there is hope for sustained peace. Mozambique has maintained a high average GDP of about 6.5 per cent annual growth. This is largely a result of more discoveries of – and investments in – oil, coal and gas, along with increased and improved public taxation mechanisms. This growth is externally driven however, and largely benefits corporate investors, rather than helping to lift the poor from poverty.

Discoveries of natural resources have the potential to further marginalise poor people through land dispossession and government-signed concessions.

Poverty indicators have improved in most urban areas, but rural areas remain marginalised, with poor access to services and sufficient food. The worst affected are flood and drought-prone areas along the Sabe, Limpopo, Pungue, Zambeze and Licungo rivers.

Religious belief systems, poor literacy levels, and cultural practices deny women access to education and promote early and premature marriages. Along with a male-dominated leadership system, these are all contributing factors to Mozambique’s ongoing poverty.

How we do it

Church & Community Transformation

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Disaster Risk Reduction

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Our Work in Mozambique

Tearfund is using a process known as church and community transformation (CCT) in Mozambique – working with local churches as they empower their communities to escape poverty. In particular we focus on:

Enabling churches to promote new and more sustainable ways for people to earn a living within their communities. Achieving this can also lead to improved basic health, water, sanitation and regular access to food, as well as a better response to issues such as HIV, gender and child protection.

Peacebuilding and conflict resolution
We are building the capacity of five Tearfund partners, ten church networks and a total of 1,500 churches to promote peace and conflict resolution. This is set to benefit 2 million people.

We are also working with local churches and communities in disaster-prone regions, helping them reduce the risk and impact of disasters such as typhoons, flooding and drought. This will benefit more than 30,000 people.

OUR PARTNERS IN MOZAMBIQUE: Kubatsirana, CODESA, Rede Cristã Contra HIV/SIDA, The Diocese of Niassa & CEDES



people have benefited from a nutrition programme working through 20 community counsellors and trainers.


savings groups have been established, involving 2,035 families and 14,245 people. The groups help families raise their household income through buying assets, starting businesses and creating business connections.


people have benefited from water, sanitation and hygiene projects developed by Tearfund’s partners.


people have benefited from programmes to ensure secure access to food. These include training in innovative conservation farming techniques.

Pray for our work

  • Pray for our team in Mozambique who have to travel great distances across the country to work with our various partners.
  • Lift up our partners and the work they do around the country.
  • Pray for peace between government and RENAMO opposition forces, and that real dialogue and reconciliation would take place, bringing lasting peace.
  • Remember those who live in the areas prone to flooding, that they would be protected and able to recover when disaster does strike.
  • Pray for the many trained pastors in Mozambique, that they would be adequately equipped for service.
  • Pray for the material and spiritual prosperity of Mozambique and ask that soon poverty will become a thing of the past in many communities.
  • Pray that the Lord will raise good leadership that seeks to serve and uphold Godly principles.

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